SPARK (Service and Payroll Administrative and Repository for Kerala)

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The Project has been successfully implemented in Police Department within the time limit stipulated by the Govt. of Kerala.

The project started in Police Department from July 2007 onwards.  For the first time in this Department, the project had been succesfully implemented in Police Head Quarters  in August  2007 itself. Thereafter continuous Training Programme had been arranged in this Department and by April 2009 all offices in Police Department throughout the State had processed their monthly Salary Bills through SPARK. The following members of Police Department are functioning as Nodal Officer and Department Management Users for monitoring the Project.

FORM No. 1download

    Govt. of Kerala vide GO(Rt) No. 81/07/ITD Dtd 24/04/2007 had introduced SPARK Form No. 1 which shall be compulsorily be obtained duly filled by the fresh hands who join in Govt. Service.  The same shall be obtained when they report for joining duty in service.  The details in the SPARK Form No. 1 shall be entered in SPARK for getting Permanent Employee Number (PEN) for the new employee.

    Govt. of Kerala vide GO(Rt) No. 20/09/ITD Dtd 27/01/2009 had introduced SPARK Form No. 2 to 6 for various purposes as shown below.

FORM No. 2 download

    For Heads of Departments to nominate Department Management User (DMU) for allotment of user authentication by System Administrator (SPARK).

FORM No. 3 download

    The Head of Office shall use this form for nominating DDO/Establishment user authentication for his subordinates.  The duly filles Form No. 3 shall be forwarded to the Department Management User concerned for getting the user authorisation.

FORM No. 4 download

    Self Drawing Officer and individual users can use this Form for obtaining Relavant Access in SPARK.  For ontaining user authorisation this Form shall be forwarded to the Department Management User concerned with the counter signature of the Superior Officer.

FORM No. 6 download

    This Form is required when an existing User Authorisation is to be revoked and for invoking a revoked User Authorisation.  The same shall be forwarded to the Department Management User concerned for such purpose.

 Nodal Officer SPARK

Shri. N. Sanal Kumar,

Junior Superintendent,
Police Headquarters,
Email : /
Phone : 9497965360


Name Designation Email Phone
Anvar . A .P DMU SZ-1
Head Clerk, SCRB tvm 9497965363
Sanal Kumar . N DMU SZ-2
Junior Superintendent, Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram 9497965360
Benny Thomas DMU NZ-1
Cashier, District Police Office Malappuram 9497965361
Preman .K DMU NZ-2
District Police Office Kannur 9497965362