Kerala Police Message Centre - SMS 94979 00000

Kerala Police have now launched a new scheme by name “Kerala Police Message Centre “for the general public to reach police by SMS. It is intended to prevent crimes, terrorist acts rendering of immediate assistance on receipt of information regarding traffic problems, accidents, harassment by antisocial elements etc. through SMS by any one on the spot to the SMS No 94979 00000.

  The general guidelines to be followed by the citizens are given below

  • Messages should be brief and indicate place of occurrence and send to   94979 00000.

  SMS should be preferably sent in the following situations:

  • When life and properties are under immediate threat.
  • When you are a witness to or affected by a crime or accident and there are no policemen nearby.
  • When you see suspicious persons or objects in and around any place which would suspected to endanger to life and property (terror) is anticipated.
  • When someone seek protection from any antisocial elements.
  • When you come across a criminal who is wanted by the police
  • When you are held up in serious traffic jam for a long time.
  • When there is harassment in public places
  • When you do not find response from the local police or other emergency respondents.


  • Never give hoax messages. Remember, you can be tracked and prosecuted.
  • Never send thanks giving, New Year, festival, congratulatory, birthday greetings, inspirational quotes/ jokes to our SMS service
  • Never use SMS facility to find out routes to a particular place, lodge complaint about water supply, power failure, garbage disposal in your colony, and weather in Goa, Kashmir etc.
  • Never give test SMS to emergency numbers.

            As soon as the computer receives SMS, it will be forwarded to the concerned officer(s) in the field immediately by the operator from the SMS centre through a facility called “ACT NOW”.

            All messages will be stored in the database and they can be retrieved as and when required. This facility will function on 24x7 basis. However, citizens should note that it is only designed to receive the text messages not the voice calls and perform chatting. There will be reply by way of prompt action but not by  reply SMS.

            If action is not seen on urgent issues, on dialling 100, citizens can also send  SMS to this number. However, in life threatening situations, every efforts will be made by the police to reach the victim as early as possible.