Railway Alert System

Railway AlertThe Kerala Railway Police has come up with an innovative Helpline Service for the Railway commuters in the State, called “Rail Alert”. This is a Round-the-clock Helpline, which is monitored from the Railway Police Control Room in Thiruvananthapuram. The technical support for this has been provided by M/s. Vodafone. The Rail Alert number 9846 200 100 can be accessed by the Railway commuters from any corner. Anyone in need of Railway Police assistance can contact this number at any time. Immediately the concerned field Officers/Policemen located in each of the running trains, or Railway Police Stations, are alerted, and Police assistance reaches the caller in minutes. Being user-friendly and a single point contact number, it is of tremendous use to the Railway commuters. Further, this is the first service of its kind on Indian Railways. Going by the public appreciation, seen through the innumerable calls received since its inception w.e.f. August 2005, it is proving to be a major success. As a further advancement, Mobile Phones have been provided to the Railway Police Officers and personnel on Beats and Patrol duties in each trains. Thus, any information received in the Control Room, reaches the field Officers in no time, and the Railway Police can provide assistance to the caller traveling in the train, directly, very quickly, by meeting the caller at his seat in the train then and there. This system has been found to be successful not only in detecting and preventing crimes, but also providing timely help to passengers in need. In some instances, lives of critically ill passengers could be saved due to timely Police help through Rail Alert.