Kerala State Police Duty Meet - 2015

ADGP(Training) is nominated as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for conducting the 59th Kerala Police State Duty Meet 2015. It is decided to conduct the 59th Kerala Police State Duty Meet 2015 at Kerala Police Academy on 12/11/2015 and 13/11/2015. An Organising Committee is constituted with the following members for the successful conduct of the Duty Meet.

Organizing Committee

Chairman Sri.Rajesh Dewan IPS, ADGP (Trg)
Deputy Chairman Sri.S.Suresh IPS, IGP (Trg), KEPA
Organizing Secretary Sri.Thomson Jose IPS, AD(PS), KEPA
Scientific Aids to Investigation Competition

Sri.P.K.Madhu, SP HHW II, EKM

Sri.K.Jayakumar, Director FSL, TVPM

Computer Awareness Competition

Sri.Rahul R Nair IPS, SP Computer Center, TVPM

Sri.Mathew Simon, System Analyst, SCRB, TVPM

Photography & Videography Sri.S.Sreekumar, Chief Photographer, SCRB, TVPM
Anti Sabotage Checking Competition & Dog Competition Sri.Christopher Charles Raj IPS, SP Security SBCID, TVPM
Invitation and Reception Committee Sri.K.Karthik IPS, DPC, Thrissur Rural
Ceremonies, Trophies and Certificate Committee Sri.V.Sunilkumar, CMT, KAP 1 Bn
Publicity Committee Sri.K.G.Simon IPS, DPC Thrissur City
Transportation Committee Sri.Manojkumar, AD (T&MT), KEPA
Accommodation Committee Sri.Jamaludeen A.K, AD(Admn), KEPA
Refreshment Committee Sri.E.F.Benny, AC (Outdoor), KEPA



  • Scientific Aids to Investigation Competition
    • Forensic Science Written
    • Fingerprint practical and Oral
    • Lifting, Packing & Labeling
    • Medico legal
    • Observation
    • Police Portrait
    • Crime Photography
    • Crime Investigation Criminal Rules & Procedures & Court Judgment ( Written )
  • Computer Awareness Competition
    • Event I Written Test
    • Event II MS Office 2010
    • Event III (VB & MS Access)
  • Anti-Sabotage Checking Competition
    • Identification of Explosives & Viva Voce
    • Anti-Sabotage Check Competition
  • Photography and Videography Competition
    • Videography
    • Photography
  • Dog Squad Competition
    • Trade Test Marking Tracking
    • Trade Test Marking Explosives
    • Narcotic Detection Test