KP Forms

Download KP Forms



Download the the Zip file to your desktop then right click
Select the option extract – extract to KP FORMS ALL

Forms in the Malayalam are included in index_malayalam_forms.xls and forms in English are included in index_english_forms.xls. 

Open the required excel file (index_malayalam_forms.xls / index_english_forms.xls) and click on the required form number to get the form and you will get the form and can type / save / print the form. 

To view the Malayalam forms -  follow the instructions.


Copy the fonts  from the folder 'linux-malayalam-fonts' 

[ Desktop/KP FORMS-ALL/KP FORMS-ALL/FONTS/linux-malayalam- fonts ] then go to following location.

K Menu --> System -->More Applications -->File Manager-Super User Mode  - [Click here]
you will get a window – type password: 'cipa123'
  then you will get another window. Go to the location given below.

Location: /opt/openoffice.org2.1/share/fonts/truetype
  PASTE THE FONTS HERE then close all window

Window based systems, copy the required fonts to the directory c:/Windows/Fonts. Use necessary Malayalam typing softwares for typing any details in Malayalam.