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Internet Crimes

Crimes committed through Internet

E-mail Crimes

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IRC Chat crimes

Lost Credit card?  

Lost mobile Phone?

Lost Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card

Internet Crimes    [ Top ]

  • Hacking

1. Defacting website,
2. Theft of information,
3. Theft of Passwords,
4. Theft of Credit Card numbers

• Launch of malicious programmes
• DOS attacks
• DDOS attcks
• Spoofing
• Spamming.

To Do

• Note the Date and Time of attack.
• Note what abnormal act of the system led to suspicion by the victim.
• Keep your Logs in safe.
• Do not change or uninstall OS or Firewall or settings.
• Do not clear Internet History, Cookies, or files.

Crimes committed through Internet    [ Top ]

•  Cheating or Frauds

1.  Advance Fee Scheme
2.  Insurance Frauds
3.  Impersonation Frauds
4.  Nigerian Letter Frauds
5.  Auction Frauds
6.  Ponzi Schemes  
7.  Pyramid Schemes

• Theft
• Gambling
• Distribution of Pornography
• Sale of pirated softwares
• Credit card number Theft

To Do

• Note the URL or IP address of the suspect site.
• Note the Date and Time that you visited the site.
• Note from where the suspected site was visited i.e. Home, business, Cyber Café.
• If you made any online payment, note the Card number and amount.
• Take Hard copy of suspected site.
• Save the website to Hard disk or other media.
• Note the contact information of the website.
• Do not clear Internet History, Cookies, or files.

E-mail Crimes    [ Top ]

• Threats
• Extortion
• Stalking
• Email Bombing
• Email Spamming

To Do

• Note your ISP.
• Print a copy of the Email you received.
• Print a copy of the Email header you received if you can.
• Save copy of Email to hard disk or other media.
• Do not delete the Email form your mailbox or mail server.
• Note the Subject, Screen name and Email of the offender.
• Do not clear Internet History, Cookies, or files.

News group Crimes    [ Top ]

• Sale Stolen data
• Customer scams
• Chain letter scams
• Ponzi schemes
• Sale of stolen property
• Distribution/Sale of pornography material
• Distribution/Sale of pirated softwares
• Distribution of Hacking software
• Discussions on methods of hacking
• Sale of stolen Credit Card numbers etc.  

To Do

• Note your ISP.
• Note name of News Group.
• Title of the posting.
• Date and time you accessed.
• Take a print out of the same
• Take a soft copy of the same.
• Do not clear Internet History, Cookies, or files.

IRC Chat crimes    [ Top ]

• Cyber Stalking
• Fraudsters use chat rooms for developing relations with unsuspecting victims
• Criminal use it for meeting coconspirators.
• Hackers use it for discussing their exploits or sharing the techniques.
• Pedophiles use chat rooms to allure small children.

To Do

• Note the name of the ISP.
• Name of the Chat server.
• Name of the Chat room.
• Nick name/Screen name of the offender.
• Note the profile of the suspect user, if got take printout.
• Take a Hard or Soft copy of the Chat dialogue.
• Do not clear Internet History, Cookies, or files.  

Lost Credit card?      [ Top ]

        The worst thing about having your wallet lost or stolen knows that whoever now has your wallet can use your credit cards to incur steep bills that you may be responsible for. Aside from the stress of identity theft and having to replace all your lost cards, the possibility of someone ruining your credit history is enough to cause even the hardiest soul to lose sleep. There are steps that you can take to ensure such things do not happen when you discover that you have lost your credit card.

       The first thing to do is to call and inform all your credit card companies of what happened. They will immediately freeze all activity on the lost card and put an alert on the card warning vendors to call the company if anyone should try and use it. However sometimes people lose their credit card without knowing that they have lost it until they see charges for purchases that they did not make. In general credit card companies require that you report any lost credit cards or suspicious account activity within 24 hours.

     Most credit cards now offer fraud protection to their card holders, which limit a customer's liability to fifty dollars; although most credit card companies admit that they rarely enforce that rule. They will make exceptions for those who do not report lost or stolen credit cards or suspicious activity immediately. Once you have reported the stolen or lost credit card the card companies will cancel that old account and issue you another card. Usually this process is very fast and you they can get a replacement credit card to you within the week – even sooner if it is an emergency situation, i.e.: you are on vacation. Just remember that reporting a lost credit card is imperative for your financial security.

Lost mobile Phone?    [ Top ]

      If your phone is lost or stolen, immediately call your Service Provider's Customer Care. You are responsible for all calls made on your phone, so contacting your service provider as soon as you realise your phone is missing will help prevent any unauthorized use and additional charges. If you discover that your phone was actually just lost, and you find it, they can always restore service.   Setting up your device's PIN or lock code is an excellent way to reduce the risk of unauthorized calls and charges, particularly if your phone is stolen. For information on setting up your devices's PIN or lock code, call your Service Provider's Customer Care.

     The procedure is that you will need to prove that you owned the mobile phone. You need to report in person to your local Police station. The Police need a record of the IMEI number for your mobile phone that is so it can be recognised as your phone if it is handed in or recovered.

Tip: The IMEI/serial number on your phone is a number that is unique to your mobile phone. To find out what your IMEI number is; type *#06# into your phone.

Lost my Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card    [ Top ]

   Your SIM card is the device that tells your Service Provider that who is making a call and whose account to bill, so losing your SIM card is just as important as losing your phone. If you have lost your SIM card, immediately call your Service Provider's Customer Care and inform them that your SIM card has been lost. Customer Care will be able to cancel the SIM card so that no calls can be made and direct you on how to obtain a new one.

  NOTE: A SIM card is very small and easy to misplace. Once you have placed your SIM card into your wireless phone or device, there are few, if any, reasons to remove it. The best way to keep your SIM card safe is to leave it in your wireless device until you are ready to either replace the device or, for some reason, need to replace the SIM card.