e-Projects of Kerala Police

SCRB is taking the lead role in modernization of Kerala Police through implementation of various technology-intensive IT enabled projects. A number of projects have already been completed and are running successfully with considerable benefits to the department and to the citizens. Some other new projects are currently under implementation and more are awaiting the department’s approval. The implementation of these projects will enhance the efficiency of the department especially in cutting edge areas of field level policing and it will also immensely improve the quality of public services rendered by the department. All these have been made possible by the unstinting hard wok and dedication of a small number of officers and men of the various wings in SCRB. In spite of acute shortage of technically qualified manpower, this team has been able to produce excellent results. All these projects have considerable relevance in day to day policing. All officers are requested to kindly use these facilities and to give feed back and suggestions which would help the SCRB in further improving its efforts.

On Going Projects

Motor Vehicle Co-ordination System

The application contains the details of stolen / recovered vehicles from all states & UTs of the country. Using this information, NOCs are given to the concerned RTOs of the state for registration / re-registration purpose of vehicles. Verification reports of vehicle are given to various agencies like law enforcement, motor vehicle etc. Details of stolen / recovered vehicles reported in Kerala are sent to NCRB using this software.

Official Website (www.keralapolice.gov.in)

Official website of Kerala Police gives overall information about the State Police. It contains Press releases, latest news, alerts, announcements, look out notices, Circulars, Executive Directives, Tenders, seniority lists, information as per RTI act, contact information, crime and road accident statistics, criminal intelligence gazette etc. An online complaint facility viz, Citizen’s Watch is incorporated in the website.


Data relating to missing persons, un-identified dead bodies, arrested persons, deserters from Armed Forces and kidnapped persons collected from all DCRBx and are stored in the Program. The soft copy of the data is transmitted to NCRB once in a month. NCRB is collecting Talash Data from all the states and they are giving the matching reports to concerned districs SPs. Action is under way to enable field officers access the data online for search and retrieval.

Common Integrated Police Application

The Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA) is a multilingual application to automate the processes (workflow) at primary sources of data itself e.g. Police Station and to build a crime & criminal Information system based on CrPC. It provides an efficient way of organising crime records for generating queries/reports and crime analysis for decision support. This will be subsumed by the CCTNS when it is implemented. At present all Police Stations of Kerala State are networked under this project and FIRs are being prepared on the computers in all these stations from 1st September 2009.


This project deals with the Digitization of historical and current documents for ready reference is going on. The main areas already covered under digitization work are

  • Departmental Circulars
  • Executive Directives
  • Kerala Police Manual VOL-1 to 4
  • Training Manual
  • Departmental Enquiry Reports
  • National Police Commission & Inquiry Commission Reports
  • UO Note ( SBCID), etc

Online Form-C Registration

This project provides facility for hotels, home stays, houseboats and other properties registered under Kerala Tourism department to register Form-C online. SHOs, FROs (Foreigners Registration Officers) and Senior Police Officers can access, search and download these foreigners information (Form-C) using authorized username and password. Daily report on Form-C s registered is sent to SHOs and FROs based on jurisdiction automatically.

Digital Criminal Gallery

This is a digital gallery hosting details of criminals, suspects, arrested persons and criminal gangs involved in Property cases and NDPS offences. Available online. A wide variety of search criteria are available in the application. The application can be accessed by all investigating officers through authorized username and password. All details are classified under NCRB modus operandi codes and PSO modus operandi codes.

Road Safety Management System

RSMS is a web enabled, platform independent, GIS supported, accident database management solution with a powerful data analysis engine. Both recording and analysis of accident data can be facilitated by the use of RSMS. Standardized reports generated through this application are useful in providing statistics for traffic researchers and specialists. Integration with GPS devices supplied to Station vehicles/ Highway Patrol vehicles is being planned to GIS enable the data of RSMS to make it more comprehensive.

Kerala Police @ Sabarimala (www.sabarimala.keralapolice.gov.in)

Kerala Police @ Sabarimala is an information portal about Sabarimala hosted by Kerala Police for helping pilgrims. The portal gives current information about queue status, parking availability and weather condition. Information about missing pilgrims & properties, press releases, maps, pooja timings, facilities available for travel and accommodation are also available. Pilgrims can query the details about queue, parking and weather through SMS. Facility to request for Police assistance through SMS is also incorporated in the portal.

Sabarimala Digital Monitoring System

To enhance the security arrangements at Sabarimala and to improve crowd management and control measures of the Police, 20 high speed DOM cameras have been set up. These will provide high quality video feed round the clock , through out the year to the Police Control Room (PCR) located at Pampa. The video feed is also transmitted live to the DGP, Chief coordinator and other senior officers through KSWAN to their offices to help them in planning, coordinating and monitoring the Police deployment and crowd management at various parts of Sabarimala.


Crime & Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated system for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of policing through adopting of principle of e-Governance and creation of a nationwide networked infrastructure. The benefits of this project are citizens’ interface for complaint registration and status enquiry, automation of crime work, sharing of information with other departments, intelligence gathering and dissemination, reducing repetitive work of police and realtime online access nationwide to crime data.

Projects being implemented


Internal Administrative Processing System (iAPS) enables computerization of all administrative offices of the Police department viz, DPOs/CPOs/Bn offices and CBCID offices through an integrated and networked system. This will improve the efficiency of the administrative offices of the department and ensure better service delivery in-house as well as to citizens. Utilizes the existing broad band connectivity.

ICT Enabled Citizen Helpdesk

Project to provide essential information and other services to citizens in each police station through a single window process through the Helpdesk. The help desk will be installed in all Police Stations and will be connected to internal administrative processing system database (iAPS) and CCTNS on its roll out to enable delivery of efficient services to citizens.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Aims at providing basic information to citizen on areas such as petition enquiry status, passport verification status and data on arms licenses, mike sanctions and such other services through touch screen kiosks. The kiosks will be installed in prime locations all along state. These kiosks will be connected to internal administrative processing system (iAPS) and CCTNS when it becomes operational, to enable delivery of up-to-date information to the public.

Police Vehicle Tracking System

100 GPS positioning devices have been issued to vehicles of Highway Patrols. With these, the vehicle position can be traced on maps and the same can be accessed from any Police Station or location through internet. It helps the control room officer to locate the vehicle nearest to the spot/location of interest and he can monitor the movements of vehicles to ensure that they act promptly. Wherever Dial-100 system is implemented in Control rooms, it can be integrated with it. Various reports of significance can be generated from the system. It enhances reach of the police and cuts response time.

Projects awaiting sanction

Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing system for Police connecting PHQ, Zonal offices, Range offices and DPOs/CPOs. This will utilise existing connectivity and will activate instant video communication access down to district giving benefits of better communication, savings in time, money and effort. It is proposed to implement high end video conferencing end point equipments in 20 locations and desktop video conferencing equipments in 7 locations. There will be a multi conferencing unit, one management server and also a video recorder.

GIS Enabled Law Enforcement

The project is intended to spatially enable the data of various types available with the department. With this data such as accident data and crime data will be made GIS enabled through hand held devices to be centrally stored and accessible to all police stations. Thus it would be possible to plot the data on maps and analyse various factors involved for better appreciation of the data and to make the police response more effective and efficient.

Intelligence Driven Policing

The Special Branch and the SBCID collects voluminous data which can be of vital importance in fine tuning the preventive activities and response of police on the field. However this data at present is kept in a static mode where in retrieval, use and dissemination is manual and time consuming. This project aims to create an interactive database of intelligence to provide appropriate intelligence backing to field police responses both preventive and proactive.