Crime Stopper Cell 1090

Crime Stopper CellThis system was introduced in the Kerala Police in 1998 and the same is functioning very successfully in all Police Districts. The working system of the Crime Stopper is as follows.

One Telephone Number is earmarked for the Crime Stopper System in each District and this telephone Number is made known to the Public through wide publicity.

Any citizen coming to know of the designs of anybody to commit a crime or having information that a crime is being committed or having information that a wanted criminal is at large or having any other information which is of use to the Police from the Law & Order point of view, including information on Extremists and Terrorists, etc, would be encouraged to give the information through the above mentioned telephone.

This Telephone is manned round-the-clock by Police Personnel designated by the Supdt. of Police.

No person who gives information by a telephone call to this number can be compelled to reveal his name and address.

All persons calling at this number and giving information are assigned a Code No. which is communicated to him then and there, and if such person calls a few days later, citing the Code No., the substance of the action taken (except for matters which require secrecy and confidentiality) is to  be communicated to him orally.

For storing the information, giving the information, and for keeping a permanent record, suitable Computer programmes have been devised, and a Computer is used for the purpose.

As soon as the information is received, the substance of the information is entered in the Computer/Register and a Note made out regarding the information, and such information will be forwarded for verification to the appropriate authority, as decided by the Supdt. of Police.

The Supdt. of Police obtains expeditious verification reports from the authority to which the information was communicated, and the substance of such verification is entered into the Register/Computer, with the Code No. of the informant.

The identity of the informant is kept secret unless the informant is willing to himself come forward and reveal his identity - This is the best part of the System.

       This system is getting a very good response from the Public, by which a lot of criminal activities are being prevented, cases detected and a number of criminals arrested.