Bio-Diversity in KAP 5 Battalion

The Kerala Armed Police 5 th Bn camp located in Maniyar, which is only 7 Km from Vadasserikkara a major halting place for the Sabarimala pilgrims and only 60Km from Sabarimala Temple located in the southern portion of Periyar Tiger Reserve. The camp area lies in the Chittar Range of Ranni Forest division. The southern border area of the camp ends in to the Maniyar Dam which is a major aqua duct in the Pampa irrigation Project and constructed during 1961. The present camp area and buildings being used as the accommodation for the construction staff of the Maniyar Dam Project and later it converted as the Detachment camp for KAP 3 rd Bn and later it transferred as the Main Camp of KAP 5 th Bn. During 1960’s the area consisting of Grassland ecosystem and the present vegetation formed as a result of plant succession due to limitation of human interaction with the land. The adjacent area outside camp consisting of plantations, reserved forests, tribal settlements and cultivated land.

Study Report