Advice to Foreigners

  • All foreigners visiting any part of India are advised to abide strictly by the conditions stipulated in the visa. Violation may result in deportation.
  • If your visa is for more than six months then you must get yourself registered with the Foreigners’ Registration Officer (usually the district police chief) within 15 days of your arrival. This is necessary to get the Certificate of Registration and the Residential Permit.
  • Pakistani citizens will have to get themselves registered within 24 hours of their arrival, irrespective of the period of their visa
  • You will have to get yourself registered if your visa is for less than six months but you plan to get it extended.
  • The law requires that you shall produce the passport for inspection by the competent authority (Registration officer, magistrate or police officer not below the rank of a head constable) within 24 hours of such demand being made.
  • Similarly, the Certificate of Registration also needs to be kept safely as that too has to be produced within 24 hours if a demand is made for that.
  • If there is going to be a change in your registered address or if you propose to remain absent from that address for more then two weeks at a stretch, you must report that to the Registration Officer.
  • If you are staying at a hotel, you must fill out the Form ‘C’ within 24 hours of your arrival and give it to the hotel management which shall be responsible for forwarding it to the authorities.
  • Please abide by the aforesaid rules. Violation is punishable with imprisonment up to five years.
  • During your stay and travel, avail yourself of the services of authorized personnel only (porters, guides, taxi operators etc.) to the extent possible. This makes tracking them easier in case anyone commits some offence.
  • If you are going to be in forest areas for trekking etc. please make yourself aware of the concerned rules first.
  • Drug laws in India are very strict with jail term up to 20 years—better don’t be found on the wrong side of the law.
  • Traffic in India is from the left—remember that.
  • Feel free to contact us for any problem or offence.

Download 'C' form (.doc / .pdf)